Message Form School Head

Shukra Bahadur Rana
Chairmain & Managing Director

              I want to extend my warmest greetings and welcome to you to Skyland English High School (S.E.H.S). From its inception in 2000, S.E.H.S has always been committed towards the total personality development of its students. It has, thus, established a history and tradition in the field of quality education by the legacy of its founders, teachers, staff, and students.

Over a span of decades S.E.H.S has shown its proven records in both curricular and extracurricular fields. Housed itself in a very serene natural setting away from the city hub at Tilottma-3,Shankarnagar in Rupandehi district, S.E.H.S offers a special ambiance of the largest private educational institution where teachers and staff take a personal interest in you, where you are known and appreciated by the entire community. The Skyland School has been able to impart quality education even in difficult circumstances, when the country is passing through the political upheavals and state of uncertainty. The S.E.H.S has passed glorious years rendering best education through best teachers, which makes me happy and proud to be head of the institution. 

The cooperation extended by the guardians, staff, ex-student and the well-wishers to make The New Summit a renowned educational institution throughout the country and abroad as well is highly appreciated. For this, I extend my gratitude to all my colleagues, guardians and students as well as the well wishers.